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All Bow Valley College students have access to the myBVC Student Login Portal. This page contains all of the information you need to access and use the Bow Valley College Student Portal Login. Kindly read through the post to find out more. The reference videos are linked below.


What is myBVC Student Portal Login?

MyBVC is Bow Valley College’s online portal where students can access their student email, college announcements, class schedule, unofficial transcripts, D2L Brightspace account, college policies, and more.

It is a cloud-based portal that serves as the current Bow Valley College student login portal.

Using their MyBVC account, they can easily register for courses, access important announcements, and view course or assignment grades.

When your registration for a course at BVC is accepted, you will be assigned a MyBVC username.

Your MyBVC username is typically your first initial, a period, your last name, and the last three digits of your student number. For instance, This is what you will use in logging in to your MyBVC account.

How to log in to myBVC account

  • Open your web browser
  • Move to
  • On the homepage, tap “Login”
  • On the drop-down menu select student login
  • Fill in your BVC student email address and password.
  • Select the Sign-in option.
  • You will be redirected to the Bow Valley College homepage after signing in.
  • Press on login again and you will see MYBVC, BRIGHTSPACE BY D2L, and LOGOUT
  • Please visit My BVC.

Congratulations you have now accessed your MyBVC Portal Dashboard.


How to access myBVC student email

When your registration at BVC is approved, you will receive an email with your MyBVC/D2L username. It will also contain a link that will take you to a page where you can set your password. You must use this as soon as possible because the link will expire after 30 days if not used.

If you do not receive the email or your link has expired, you can use the “Reset your password” link to have a new email with your username and a link to create a password sent directly to your personal email.

You can access your myBVC student email by:

  • Open your myBVC account
  • At the top of the screen, select Mail.
  • You can also save your MyBVC Email address to your mobile device.
  • You can also download it to your phone and tablet.

How to add myBVC email to Mobile devices

You can add your MyBVC email address to your mobile devices. Here are some video tutorials that will show you exactly how to do that.

For Android:

For IOS:

How to Reset myBVC Password

Forgetting your password can happen but you can still recover your account. You can reset your password by going to the Bow Valley College sign-in page and clicking “I forgot my password.”

Then, click Reset Password, enter your student ID and birth date, and then click Reset. A message with password reset instructions will be sent to your personal email address.

Log in to your email account, which you were given when you registered for your program. REMEMBER. The link sent to your email will only work for the next 2 hours. Open the link in the email message, choose your new password, type it twice for confirmation and click “Change”

Ensure that your new password complies with MyBVC’s password policies:

  • Your name, Student ID number, or birth date cannot be included in the password.
  • The password must be at least eight characters long.
  • Three of the following four characters must be included in the password:
  • Letter in lowercase
  • capital letter
  • Number
  • Symbol (e.g.!@*&)

If you have tried and done every step in resetting your password properly but still can’t access your account, you can contact their help desk at 403-410-1611. They will help you in resetting your password as long as you can provide the required personal information about yourself.

How to log into BVC D2L Brightspace

BVC D2L Brightspace is an online portal through which students can access course material, submit assignments, participate in discussions, check their grades, and communicate with their instructor. It is essentially BVC’s version of Blackboard and is required of all university students.

Here is how you access your BVC D2L Brightspace:

  • Navigate to the Bow Valley College homepage,, and click on the login button in the top-right corner of your screen.
  • Select Student Login
  • Enter your complete MyBVC e-mail address and click Next.
  • Sign in by entering your password and clicking the Sign in button.
  • Once again, you will be taken to the main Bow Valley College Homepage where you’ll have to click Log in.
  • Select BRIGHTSPACE BY D2L from the menu that appears.
  • Select Login.
  • Congratulations! You can now access your BRIGHTSPACE.

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